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Fall CSM Competition Team

The Fall OSU Competition Team is competing at ABC National from November 2nd-November 6th in Las Vegas, NV.
The team members are Andy Gest, Matt Pickerel, Zach Sanborn, Mark Stone and Alex Francois.
The team advisors are Mac Ware and Alex Belkofer.



The OSU Competition Team arrived safe and sound on Friday night in Las Vegas, NV as they gear up for the 2013 fall student competition hosted by ABC National. The Team, accompanied this year by W. Mac Ware (Team Advisor/Instructor), spent most of their day on Saturday preparing their Step 1 binder with the finishing touches before submission to the ABC judging committee this morning at 9:00am PST.

Day 1 was successfully completed today by the OSU CM Team, as their Step 2 Bid Day was submitted just in time before the 3pm deadline. All schools but one met the bid deadline, as many bid day changes and challenges were thrown at the student teams. As expected, the last 60 seconds were quite frantic all around, but the boys stood strong under pressure and submitted on time.

Day 2:

The ABC Judging Committee has posted the following short-list results for teams to present in the morning:

9:00am - Penn College of Technology
9:20am - Florida International University
9:40am - The Ohio State University
10:00am - Southern Polytechnic State University
10:20am - University of Central Florida
10:40am - University of Northern Iowa
11:00am - Montgomery College
11:20am - Colorado State
11:40am - University of Cincinnati

Congratulations to our Ohio State CM Team on making the short-list presentation!
Second time we have achieved consecutive "Step 3" presentation-round appearances since our first two ABC competition years (2009, 2010).

Day 3:

Final Results:

Safety Category:
1st Place - The Ohio State University

Project Management:
2nd Place - The Ohio State University

Overall, another terrific showing by our student team!