Farm of the Future

Demonstrating how cropping systems will change by 2030.  

  1. Capture more value for farmers through the mitigation of soil compaction and improved soil health; sustainable cropping systems via reduced gross vehicle weights, improved carbon capture, improved water management.
  2. Demonstrate how automation will be deployed for crop production.
  3. Plant by plant management of inputs to cropping systems.
  4. Improved timing, placement and efficacy of production inputs.
  5. Transition from monoculture to polyculture production systems.
Expected Farm Benefits
  1. Improved profitability
  2. Improved sustainability
  3. Improved soil health
  4. Improved water quality

2017 Implementation

  1. Planted to 15 inch center soybeans and 30 inch corn at same time (strip intercropping)
    • In-furrow fertilizer on corn
    • Planted on 4/18/2017
  2. Soybean population 140,000 seeds/ac
  3. Corn:
    • Inside rows - 33,000 seeds/ac
    • 2nd to outside rows - 39,600 seeds/ac
    • Outside rows - 46,200 seeds/ac

Evaluating future technologies and data driven cropping practices.

2017 As-Planted MapAerial FoFThermalADVI Image