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Microbial Fuel Cell Learning Center

This project focuses on integrating a microbial fuel cell science experiment into 6th-12th grade science curricula to demonstrate the significance of alternative energy and sustainability. Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are bioelectrochemical reactors in which microorganisms mediate the direct conversion of chemical energy stored in organic compounds into electrical energy. 

A team of researchers and students developed this website as a tool for teachers. The resources provided on this website for teachers act as a guide for demonstrating emerging technology in the fields of microbiology and biological engineering. 

Students are introduced to the concepts of renewable energy and sustainability while exploring the implications of microbial fuel cells in agricultural applications.  By the end of the suggested lesson, students learn that byproduct streams traditionally regarded as waste in agricultural systems can be converted into locally renewable energy. Furthermore, students build their competencies in the Science Academic Content Standards set by the Ohio Department of Education in the areas of life sciences, physical sciences, technology, and scientific inquiry.