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Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Awards and Recognition

Over the history of the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, our faculty, staff, students, and alumni have had the privilege of being recognized with various national, university, and department awards. See the full list of recognitions below: 

National Recognitions


1937    Grade of Fellows    Glen W. McCuen
1956    Grade of Fellows    Virgil Overholt
1966    Grade of Fellows    Henry J. Barre
1971    Grade of Fellows    Donald B. Brooker
1976    Grade of Fellows    Gordon L. Nelson
1980    Grade of Fellows    E. Paul Taiganides
1984    Grade of Fellows    Dennis R. Heldman
2001    Grade of Fellows    Robert Gustafson
2013    Grade of Fellows    Norman R. Fausey
2014    Grade of Fellows    Scott A. Shearer
2017    Grade of Fellows   Ozkan Erdal


2012   Electronic & Web-Based Delivery   S.D. Jepsen, C. Dicus, C. Zoller
2012   Electronic & Wed-Based Delivery   S.D. Jepsen, C. Zoller
2014   Electronic & Web-Based Delivery   D. Jepsen, K. Mann, A. Mann, S. Spears
2015   Publications                                   D. Jepsen, A. Mann, K. McGuire, L. Flowers (State Fire                                                                                Marshall), S. Walker, J. Robinson, M. Bailey, D. Torshell, A.                                                                          Bauer, A. Gross
2016   Publications                                   E. Ozkan
2018   Publications                                   A. Shah, A. Manandhar, S. Khanal, E. Ozkan
2018   Publications                                   S. Khanal, J. Fulton, E. Hawkins, K. Port, A. Klopfenstein
2018  Electronics & Web-Based Delivery  J. Lee, R. Colley III, E. Hawksins, K. Port, J. Fulton
2019  Publications                                   E. Ozkan, K. Smith
2019  Elcetronic & Web-Based Delivery  J. Fulton, J. Lee

University Recognitions

college of engineering

1997 Charles E. MacQuigg Award for Outstanding Teaching  Robert Gustafson
1997 Lumley Research Award  Sudhir Sastry
2001 Charles E. MacQuigg Award for Outstanding Teaching  Robert Gustafson
2004 Charles E. MacQuigg Award for Outstanding Teaching  Ann Christy
2004 Lumley Research Award  Michel Frederick
2005 The Ralph L. Boyer Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Engineering Innovation  Ann Christy
2005 Lumley Research Award  Jay Martin
2007 The Ralph L. Boyer Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Engineering Innovation  Andrew Ward
2010 Lumley Research Award  Yebo Li
2017 Faculty Diversity Excellence Award  Gonul Kaletunc
2017 Faculty Mentoring Award  Karen Mancl
2018 Lumley Research Award  Ajay Shah

College of food, agricultural, and environmental sciences

2019  Distinguished Professor     Judit Puskas
2022  Distinguished Professor     Jay Martin

Department Recognitions

grad research award

2006 Laleh Loghavi 
2007 Sanjay Sarang  
2008 Hamid Rismani-Yazdi  
2009 Yu Chen 
2010 Anand Plappally 
2011 Derek Schlea (second: Zifei Dai) 
2012 M.S. Ryan A. Gehringer; Ph.D. Pitiya Kamonpatana 
2013 M.S. Johnathon P. Sheets; Ph.D. Lara Jane Hadlocon 
2014 M.S. Ratanachat (Siam) Racharaks; Ph.D. Jessica Lauren Slutzky 
2015 Ph.D. Cindy Barrera-Martinez 
2017 M.S. Yunqi (Chloe) Huang;  Ph.D. Sravanti Paluri   
2018 M.S. Asmita Khanal; Ph.D.  Ashish Manandhar 
2019 M.S. Ashlee Balcerzak; Ph.D. Seyed Hashem Mousair Avval
2020 M.S. Jacquelyn Blanchard; Ph.D. Asmita Khanal
2021 M.S. Shyam Sivaprasad; Ph.D. Yang Geng
2022 M.S. Rachelle Crow; Ph.D. Holly Huellemeier

GRAD leadership and service award

2006 Stephanie Lansing 
2007 Jennie Morgan and Sanjay Sarang 
2008 C. J. Mullin 
2009 Romel Somavat 
2010 Rich Ciotola and Vinayak Shedekar 
2011 Ehsan Ghane 
2012 Gary Lorei 
2013 Angelica M. Huerta 
2015 Natasha Faze  
2017 David Wituszynski 
2018 Jeffrey Kast 
2019 Patrick J. Sours
2020 --
2021 Samantha Francis
2022 Holly Huellemeier

grad teaching award

2006 Eric Powell and Kerry Hughes Zwierschke 
2007 Peter Mulumba 
2008 Charissa Young 
2009 CJ Mullin 
2010 Anand Plappally 
2011 Kpoti (Stephan) Gunn 
2012 Trent A. Bower 
2013 Trent A. Bower 
2014 Johnathan Sheets 
2015 Molly Moran 
2017 James B. Stone 
2018 Subbiah Nagappan 
2019 Haley Kujawa
2020 Owen Meehl
2021 Nikita Khozin
2022 Matthew Herkins

the rev pt taiganides - prof. r e steward memorial award grad student of the YEAR

2004 Kerry Hughes 
2005 Laleh Loghavi 
2006 Jon Witter 
2007 Stephanie Lansing  
2008 Yu Chen 
2009 Caixia (Ellen) Wan 
2010 Romel Somavat and Vinayak Shedekar 
2011 Derek Schlea and Stephen Park 
2012 Pitiya Kamonpatana 
2013 Ehsan Ghane 
2014 Fuqing Xu 
2015 J. Lauren Slutzky and Johnathon Sheets 
2017 Long Lin 
2018 Tony Ren and Chris Weigman 
2019 Ashish Manandhar
2020 David Wituszynski
2021 Holly Huellemeier
2022 Asmita Khanal

Distinguished alumni awards

2002 Paul Rofkar B.S. Ag. E. 1939 
2002 James Miller B.S. Ag. E. 1951 
2003 Carl W. Hall B. S. Ag. E. 1948 
2003 James G. Hartsock B. S. Ag. E.  1949 M. S. Ag. E. 1954 
2004 Edward Hiler B. S. & M. S. Ag. E. 1963 Ph.D. Ag. E.  1966 
2004 Benson J. Lamp, Ph. D B. S. Ag. E., 1949 M. S. Ag. E., 1953 
2005 George S. Sanders B.S. Ag. E., 1950 M.S. Ag. E., 1951   
2005 Michael J. Keenan  B.S. Agric., 1982 (Ag. Mech. & Systems) 
2006 Stanley W. Joehlin B.S. Ag. E. 1960 M.S. Ag. E.  1960 
2006 Gregory P. Gordon B.S. Ag. Eng. 1982 M.S. Ag. Eng. 1987 
2007 Sam Huber B. S. Ag. Eng. 1941 M.S. Ag. Eng.  1958 
2007 Carl Kipp  B.S. Ag. Eng.  1953 
2007 Jim Fouss B.S. Ag. Eng. 1959 M.S.  Ag. Eng. 1962 Ph.D.  Ag. Eng. 1971 
2008 David Rule B.S. Agric., 1982 
2008 James Doyle B.S. Ag. E. 1968 
2009 Art Brate B.S. Ag. E. 1970 
2010 Robert G. Holmes B. S. & M. S. Ag. E. 1960 Ph.D. Ag. E.  1966 
2010 Paul Young B.S. Ag. Eng. 1960 
2011 Khaled Zitoun Ph.D. Ag. Eng. 1996 
2011 Roger Rohrbach B.S. Ag. Eng. 1965 Ph.D. Ag. Eng. 1968 
2012 Ted Short B.S. Ag. Eng. 1965 M.S. Ag. Eng. 1966 Ph.D. Ag. Eng. 1969 
2013 Kevin Keener B.S. Ag. Eng. 1990 M.S. Ag. Eng. 1990 Ph.D. Ag. Eng. 1993 
2013 Jerry Roell B.S. Ag. Eng. 1981 
2014 Jeff Geeding B.S. Agric.   1982 
2014 Ron Bowers B.S. Ag. Eng. 1982 
2015 Brian Bursiek  B.S. Ag. Eng. 1981 
2015 Sylvia Schonauer B.S. Ag. Eng. 1983 M.S. Ag. Eng. 1985 
2016 Sue Nokes B.S. Ag. Eng.   1982 M.S. Ag. Eng.   1983 
2016 Darren Drollinger B.S. Ag. Eng.   1988 
2017 Ajit Srivastava B.S. Ag. Eng.   1972 
2017 Jeff Voss B.S.  Agric. 1981 
2018 Stanley W. Joehlin B.S. Ag. E. 1960 M.S. Ag. E.  1960 
2019 Marybeth Lima
2020 Mark Evans
2021 Brian E. Henslee
2022 Brad Core

Outstanding service award

2007 Jim Hess: Senior Vice-President Messer Construction Co.
2008 Art Brate, Paul Chester, and Duane Riethman
2009 Larry Parnell: Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.
2010 Bart Johnson: Ohio Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net
2011 Bob Strickland PCS
2012 Norman Fausey: USDA-ARS
2013 Dr. Bobby Moser
2014 Andy Bauer: Heritage Cooperative
2014 Albert Gross: Heritage Cooperative
2014 Eric Parthemore: Heritage Cooperative
2015 JD Flaherty, Jr. Construction Systems Inc.
2016 Laura Fay: Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed
2017 Bob Gustafson: FABE Professory Emeritus
2018 Curt Kaljo: Franklin SWCD
2019 Larry Walden: Ohio State CSM Industry Advisory Council
2020 Paula Shirk: Agrismart; Bob Recker: Cedar Valley Innovation
2021 EJ Miller
2022 Rachel Cornell: Ohio State FABE

INdustry contributor awards

2002 The Lincoln Electric Co.
2003 John Deere 2004 Hirzel Canning Co. & Farms
2005 Ohio Land Improvement Contractors Association
2006 Hamilton Tanks
2006 Ohio Steel Industries Inc.
2007 Laserflex, Inc
2007 Wanner Metal Worx
2008 Brim Process Equipment
2009 CNH
2010 ADS
2011 Quasar Energy Group
2012 Jacto Inc.
2012 Bio100 Technologies LLC
2013 AgriDrain
2013 Whitewater Processing, Inc
2014 Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC)
2015 Wellington Implement
2017 Kubota
2017 Unverferth
2018 The Lincoln Electric Co
2019 Beck's Hybrid
2020 CNH Industrial and Trimble Navigation
2021 Topcon
2022 Craig Eppley, Miller

outstanding staff teacher

2005 Dennis Albery
2006 Mike Lichtensteiger
2007 Mary Faure
2008 Larry Heckendorn
2009 Eric Desmond
2010 Anastasia Britt
2011 Bill Shepherd
2012 Mac Ware
2013 Bev Barrick
2013 Dewey Mann
2014 Mac Ware
2015 Jeff Suchy
2017 Mike Rowan
2018 Michael J. Lichtensteiger
2019 Jenna Eaves and Mark Banta
2020 Don Schafer
2021 Andrew Klopfenstein
2022 Jane Fife

Student Recognitions

Alumni Recognitions 

Alumni Awards

2020    CFAES Young Professional Achievement Award   Dr. Cindy Barrera (’16 PhD Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering)