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Ives Hall

Ives Hall, 1925 – 2002

Formerly at the Corner of Neil and Woodruff Avenues

ASAE's (American Society of Agricultural Engineers) First Historic Landmark
In 1926, Ives Hall, the original Agricultural Engineering building at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, was designated as ASAE's First Historic Landmark in honor of department founder Frederick Walter Ives.

History of Ives Hall

Elements of Ives Hall dated back to a horse build on the NW corner of campus prior to 1906. In 1922, all work horses were moved across the Olentangy River and Professor Ives, Head of Agricultural Engineering, recommended "that the quarters vacated in the Old Horse barn be remodeled without delay as laboratories and offices for the Department."  

With the opening of Ives Hall on March 30, 1926, Ohio State University attained the distinction of having the largest agricultural engineering building on any college campus in the country (Excerpts from The Ohio Farmer, April 18, 1925).  Ives Hall is a monument to the engineering skill of Fredrick W. Ives, head of the department of agricultural engineering.  Ives died in July of 1924.
The building contained:

  • Almost an acre of floor space- 35,000 square feet- was provided on its two floors.
  • Farm utilities such as water systems and lighting plants were be in a laboratory in the north wing.
  • Home economics students were taught domestic engineering and household mechanics in a large room in the south wing.
  • The lecture room on the first floor at the end of the tractor laboratory was surrounded on three sides by corridors and was lighted entirely by electricity. This room seated 240 people.
  • Accessibility and ample light were two things placed first in planning Ives. Every laboratory, office and recitation room had enough windows and 100 watt lamps to flood the corners with illumination on the darkest days.

Professor G. W. McCuen notes, "We hope to celebrate the completion of Ives Hall during Farmers' Week next winter with the largest machinery show ever held under roof at Ohio State University."

Ives Hall served the Department of Agricultural Engineering until the opening of a new Agricultural Engineering Building in 1987. Ives Hall continued to be used by other units of the University, including the School of Architecture, until its demolition in 2002.

A new plaque was dedicated on November 20, 2003 (photo below), and is located at the southwest exterior wall of the Agricultural Engineering Building at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Kaye Ives McArthur and Robert Ives Dietrich (left), grandchildren of Frederick Walter Ives, participated in the rededication of Ives Hall, the Society's first Historic Landmark. ASAE President Robert Gustafson (right) presided during the rededication Nov. 20, 2003, at the Ohio State University's agricultural engineering building, 590 Woody Hayes Drive, Columbus, Ohio.