2018 CFAES Innovator of the Year Award Recipients
2018 CFAES Innovator of the Year Award: Intelligent Sprayer
Precision Ag
OSU Precision Agriculture
Ohio State's Planter U gets farmers ready for 2017
Ohio State's Planter U gets farmers ready for 2017
Ohio State PLOTS
Two-Stage Ditch a Win-Win for Farmers, Environment
Two-Stage Ditch a Win-Win for Farmers, Environment

Research by Andy Ward and colleagues has led to the innovative "two-stage" ditch design, which benefits not just farms but water quality.

College Alumni Profile: Megan Welsh-Meier
Alumni Profile: Megan Welsh-Meier

As the owner of Higher Ground Green Roofs Megan talks of her experiences in the green industry and her education at Ohio State University.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Demo
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Demo

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Ag & Bio Engineering: Meeting the needs of humankind, sustainably
Ag & Bio Engineering: Meeting the needs of humankind, sustainably

How do we provide the necessities of life, and more, for a growing population, without degrading our natural world? Agricultural and biological engineers are leading the way in innovative solutions.


Ohio State Engineering students addressing global challenge with aquaponics
Aquaponics project combines learning, innovation, and community service in Honduras

Aquaponics is a technique for sustainable food production that utilizes the combination of aquaculture with hydroponics to grow fish and vegetables without soil. It offers an affordable and sustainable system that families and communities can use to supplement their diets with fresh, inexpensive fish and vegetables. Andrew Stratton, an undergraduate student in our department spent the 2012-2013 school year building a prototype aquaponics system and planning its implementation in Honduras. Click here to read more about the aquaponics project.

AEES Bioretention OSU

Watch the winning video submitted, by our students, for the student design competition at the American Ecological Engineering Society conference in Lansing, MI (June 10-12)!

The objective of the 2013 student competition was to develop a creative 2-3 minute video summary of a stormwater BMP on Michigan State University campus that provided information about how this system works to improve water quality. The videos was required to contain information that provided the background engineering principles as well as the potential for how the general public can use a similar system or component to address water quality on their own properties. The target audience considered were undergraduate college students, visitors to campus and the surrounding community. The goal of the video was to not only educate the audience on these practices but also to inspire them to take action in creating stormwater solutions to improve their environment.

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