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Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering

Kinetics of Reactions and Reactor Design for Food and Biological Systems

Basics of reaction kinetics and reactor design. Material balances in a reactor. Applications of kinetic models to describe changes in food quality attributes and food safety as a function of process parameters. Shelf life estimation of foods based on kinetics. Design, selection and sizing of reactors. Prereq: 2110, 3120, and Math 2177.

Advances in High Throughput Phenotyping

High-Throughput Phenotyping (HTP) is an emerging field that integrates remote sensing and simulation and modeling technologies to advance selection in plant breeding programs. Advances in High Throughput Phenotyping provides an overview of the sensing and modeling tools that are being integrated into modern HTP platforms. Prereq: CSE 1222 or Engr 1221 or 1181.xx or 1281.xx or 1187 or HCS 2260 or AnimSci 2260 or ENR 2000 or AEDEcon 2005 or ComLdr 3537 or Stat 1450, and Jr or Sr or Grad standing; or permission of instructor. Cross-listed in HCS.

Environmental Biophysics

Environmental Biophysics provides an overview of the interactions between the physical microenvironment and the organisms that reside in that environment. This class will examine the roles of different environmental factors on the functioning of terrestrial vegetation, and scaling the exchange of heat and mass (i.e. water and carbon dioxide) from leaf to canopy scales. Prereq: Engr 1221 or CSE 1222 or 2021, or equiv.; or permission of instructor.

Safe Water on Tap

This problem-centered design course focuses on major water quality challenges both nationally and internationally. Human and context-driven design principles are applied to drinking water contaminants with global public health impact. We develop design algorithms from first principles whenever possible and explore novel solutions. Prereq: 2110, CivilEn 3130, CBE 2420, or MechEng 3503; and Engr 1221 or CSE 1222; or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for CivilEn 5610.02. Cross-listed in CivilEn 5610.02.

Sustainable Infrastructure for Developing Rural Communities

Working effectively with developing rural communities to identify and acquire their basic water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) infrastructure needs demands both community development and engineering expertise. This course will provide the engineer with knowledge on how to design in the context of a community's needs and the community development worker with basic WaSH engineering knowledge. Prereq: Permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for CivilEn 5610.01. Cross-listed in CivilEn 5610.01.

Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries

Introduction to Appropriate Technology product design and development for people in developing countries and the business related topics necessary for commercialization. The focus will be on market driven solutions that help ensure the long term sustainability of the solutions developed. Prereq: Engr 1182.01, 1182.02, 1182.03, 1282.01H, 1282.02H, 1282.03H, or 1282.04H; or Grad standing; or permission of instructor.

Introduction to Polymer Science: A Bio-based Approach

This course introduces polymer chemistry through polymers found in nature. It is designed as a unique introduction to the subject, which connects natural and synthetic polymers by exploring the chemistry of natural polymers from plants, animals and humans and self-assembled macromolecular structures. Chapters cover the basic concepts of polymer chemistry. Prereq: Chem 2310, or Grad standing, or permission of instructor.

Advanced Food Process Design

An integration of quantitative parameters describing changes in the quality attributes of foods with quantification of the physical changes occurring between the time of raw material harvest or assembly and the point of food consumption. Models to predict changes in quality attributes as a function of process parameters will be developed and demonstrated. Prereq: FdScTe 5400, 5536, 5600, or FABEng 3481 or 4410, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for FdScTe 7430. Cross-listed in FdScTe.


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