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Air and Water Quality

Dr. Jay Martin educates students about water qualityHealthy air and water are important for our communities and for agricultural systems. FABE Extension educators in this area specialize on the management of air emissions from animal production facilities, agricultural drainage and irrigation, and wastewater management through septic systems, wastewater treatment, and more. 


agricultural air quality

FABE researchers are committed to the discovery of knowledge and development of new technologies for effective management of indoor environment and air emissions from agriculture animal feeding operations to improve health and the environmental quality, promote renewable energy or product generation, abate greenhouse effects, and enhance competitiveness and sustainability of the agricultural animal production industries.

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Overholt drainage school

Ohio State University’s Overholt Drainage School has been held annually for the past 50+ years. The school provides comprehensive training to farmers, land improvement contractors, soil and water conservation technicians, engineers, consultants, sanitarians and others on the purpose, design, layout, construction and management of drainage systems. The five-day program is usually held in March and involves hands-on learning activities as well as educational talks on drainage water management and water quality.

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 drainage school will not be held this March. However, a virtual workshop and webinar series covering a range of drainage-related topics is currently being planned. The series will launch with a half-day workshop focused on drainage design and installation in Early June. The workshop will feature updates on recently passed H.B. 340 – Ohio’s “petition ditch laws” that address the installation and maintenance of drainage works of improvement in Ohio. A panel of professional engineers representing state and federal agencies, drainage contractors, and tile manufacturers will then discuss some standard practices, common issues, and troubleshooting associated with drainage design, installation, and repairs. Following the half-day workshop, the Overholt Program will also offer a monthly webinar series focused on drainage-related topics. The hourly webinars will feature experts and panels to discuss various design and installation aspects, use of advanced tools, software and technology for drainage design, and conservation practices for soil and water quality protection. More details on the upcoming programs are available at

For any questions about the upcoming drainage education programs including the drainage school, contact Vinayak Shedekar at or contact Dr. Larry Brown

wastewater management

Septic systems, wastewater treatment, water supplies, septic system information and alternative systems are presented in workshops, conferences and publications, food processing wastewater is a special focus of the program, developing low-cost treatment systems to meet environmental requirements in Ohio, and water testing and water treatment information for private wells is available.

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