Students changing majors within the University

Changing to ASM or CSM

Students who would like to change their major to ASM or CSM from another major must have a minimum CPHR (Cumulative Point-Hour Ratio)/GPA of a 2.0. The CPHR is the point-hour ratio for the student's entire academic record-to-date of courses here at OSU. This requirement applies to all students who are currently enrolled or were previously enrolled at Ohio State.

Changing to FABE

Students interested in pursuing a degree in Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, acceptance is determined by their Eligibility Point-Hour Ratio (EPHR). The EPHR must be at or above a 2.0.  The courses used to calculate the EPHR are:

  • Engineering 1100.10 (or the equivalent from another engineering department)
  • Engineering 1181.xx and 1182.xx (or the equivalent honors versions)
  • Math 1151 and Math 1172 (or an equivalent series)
  • Physics 1250
  • Chemistry 1210 or 1250