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Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Students changing majors within the University

Changing to ASM or CSM

Students who would like to change their major to ASM or CSM from another major must have a minimum CPHR (Cumulative Point-Hour Ratio)/GPA of a 2.0. The CPHR is the point-hour ratio for the student's entire academic record-to-date of courses here at OSU. This requirement applies to all students who are currently enrolled or were previously enrolled at Ohio State.

Once these academic requirements are met, students should meet with a CFAES College Academic Counselor (either Paul Heimberger or Ben Carignan) by visiting their website or calling 614-292-6891. During this appointment, the counselor and student will do a course evaluation from courses taken here at OSU or other institutions. Once that is compete, the students' major will be switched. From there, students will meet with LaShanda C. Coleman to create an academic plan and be assigned a faculty advisor. 

Changing to FABE

Students interested in pursuing a degree in Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, acceptance is determined by their Eligibility Point-Hour Ratio (EPHR). The EPHR must be at or above a 2.0.  The courses used to calculate the EPHR are:

  • Engineering 1100.10 (or the equivalent from another engineering department)
  • Engineering 1181.xx and 1182.xx (or the equivalent honors versions)
  • Math 1151 and Math 1172 (or an equivalent series)
  • Physics 1250
  • Chemistry 1210 or 1250