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Biological Engineering

Biological engineering involves the engineering of living systems and the application of engineering principles to real world problems. Ohio State’s biological engineering program incorporates the knowledge of biology, microbiology, molecular genetics, and biochemistry with hands-on work with plants, animals, humans, cells in tissue culture, and microorganisms.

Graduates in who study biological engineering pursue careers in biotechnology, bio-energy, bio-products, biomedical applications, biochemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and bioinstrumentation. This program of study is an excellent way to obtain an accredited engineering degree while meeting admission requirements for graduate and professional programs. Graduates of this program have pursued graduate and professional degrees in a multitude of areas including biomedical engineering, veterinary medicine, human medicine, dentistry, and optometry.

Interested in Pre-Med or Pre-Vet?

Capitalizing on the biological emphasis in food, agricultural and biological Engineering, students prepare themselves for admission to professional schools of veterinary or human medicine, dentistry, or optometry while obtaining an accredited engineering degree. Choosing the Biological Engineering specialization allows students to combine technological training and a strong background in biological science to give themselves a competitive edge in the professional school admissions process. This would be an ideal choice for students who might be interested in pursuing a career in either animal or human health care.


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