Graduate Research Associate Positions

Remote Sensing and Data Analytics for Sustainable Agricultural Production Position

FABE is seeking applications for Graduate Research Associate (GRA) positions for pursuing Ph.D. or M.S. degree studies with the research focus on remote sensing and data analytics for sustainable agricultural production. We are interested in using remote sensing, data analytics, geospatial and ecosystem modeling approaches to investigate the factors contributing to the sustainability of agricultural systems, including crop stresses, crop productivity, and climate change. The GRA is expected to publish research findings in international peer-reviewed journals, present research findings in conferences/meetings, and generate regular project update reports.

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Bioprocess/Systems Engineering Position(s)

 Graduate Research Associateships available for the Ph.D. or M.S. level studies and research. If interested, please contact Dr. Shah ( with a cover letter expressing your interest and background, CV, transcripts, and test scores (TOEFL and GRE). At this point, please just send the unofficial/scanned copies. Please note that we will give serious consideration to the candidates with GPA higher than 3.75; TOEFL score higher than 105 (for international candidates only), GRE scores higher than 320 with more than 4 in analytical writing, established publication record, and research background and interest in the relevant area. For research areas, please refer to the ‘research’ section of our website.  See more details at:

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Bio-Polymer Position

The Bio-Polymer position will work with Dr. Keener and Dr. Cui starting sspring 2019. The purpose of this project is to fabricate bio-plastics, especially food packaging, from CO2 and soybean oil. Read the full position description