Graduate Research Associate Positions

Graduate Research Associate (Food Process Engineering)

Microbiological safety of high pressure based ultra-shear technology
The Ohio State University, Departments of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE) / Food Science and Technology Center for Clean Process Technology Development ( is recruiting a doctoral level graduate research associate student. Successful candidate will be a part of a university-industry multidisciplinary team and conduct research on food safety engineering aspects Ultra shear technology for beverage food processing. 

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Remote Sensing and Data Analytics for Sustainable Agriculture

FABE is seeking applications for Graduate Research Associate (GRA) positions for pursuing Ph.D. or M.S. degree studies with the research focus on remote sensing and data analytics for sustainable agriculture. We are interested in investigating the use of drone and satellite based remote sensing technologies, and data analytics for assessing and monitoring the agricultural management practices. Specific focus of these positions will be on: 1) Assessment of agricultural practices using remote sensing technologies. (2) Implementation of data analytics methods for remote sensing applications for precision agriculture. (3) Integration of remote sensing technologies with ecosystem models to explore the role of agricultural practices under changing climate..

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Bio-Polymer Position

The Bio-Polymer position will work with Dr. Keener and Dr. Cui starting sspring 2019. The purpose of this project is to fabricate bio-plastics, especially food packaging, from CO2 and soybean oil. Read the full position description