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Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Student Testimonials

What initially attracted you to FABE?

“I was initially attracted here because of the interdisciplinary research…”

“I had the opportunity to work with Jay (Martin)…, I would say that his presence on the faculty was my number one reason for wanting to transfer to FABE. Now that I am here, what also attracts me to our department is the ability to add engineering knowledge to my background as a scientist.”

“I was doing some coursework at the Univ. of South Carolina when a professor there told me about the work of his colleague, Dr. Ward, at OSU. I contacted Dr. Ward and we discussed his projects in South Africa.”

“Many engineering disciplines are lumped together.  It opens up the possibilities of civil, power and machinery, and water management specialization as well as future work possibilities.” 

What is unique about our department?

“The uniqueness of our dept is the various choices of specialization.  There is not just food, agricultural and biological engineering.  We can also specialize in different areas such as water, soil and ecological engineering.  … we can customize our own specialization.”

“The multidisciplinary aspect of our department makes it unique.  We combine aspects of electrical, civil, mechanical, biological, and chemical engineering as well as environmental sciences.  And, of course, the diversity of our students and faculty is unique.”

“The multi-ethnic environment makes it very good for international networking.”

“…the combination of people from both science and engineering backgrounds is different than a lot of other programs.”

“…projects focusing on energy efficiency and conversion of waste to energy to improve sustainability and environmental quality.”

“The high percentage of female faculty and staff…”