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Media mention: In-season scouting and data collection with APPs

Ohio's Country Journal column by Dr. John Fulton, Trey Colley and Jenna Lee

Media mention: World Record for Data Collection

Over the last year, Trey Colley, a graduate student studying precision agriculture at The Ohio State University, worked to gather the most data ever collected for a single corn plant. Now that the growing season has transitioned to harvest, Colley has been amazed at the amount of data that has accumulated from his corn plant.

Media mention: Aerial Imagery Aids Decision Making

As the growing season has progressed, aerial imagery has been part of the world record setting data-collection efforts for Terra, a single corn plant in a Farm Science Review field. The bird’s eye view of the field through the 2017 growing season has been provided by AirScout.

Media mention: Taking a byte out of the record books

Ohio's Country Journal featuring graduate student Trey Colley

Media mention: World Record Attempt

Check out this podcast where Ohio Ag Net's Matt Reese talks with Ohio State's Trey Colley and Nate Douridas about a World Record Attempt featuring a special corn plant dubbed "Tera Byte". Then, be sure to follow the journey on our Facebook or Twitter!

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