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2021 FABE Scholarships and Awards

May. 11, 2021
2021 Student Scholarships and Awards

This year's FABE student scholarships and awards were presented virtually at the 2021 FABE Student Scholarship and Awards Banquet. If you missed the award presentation, please click here.
Congratulations to this year's student scholarship and award recipients!

IPAG Awards

Distinguished Alumni Award
Brian E. Henslee

Outstanding Service Award
EJ Miller

Industry Contributor Award

Outstanding Staff Teacher
Andrew Klopfenstein

IAC Awards

CSM Instructor of the Year
Phil Sutton

CSM Outstanding Industry Contributor
Miller Electric Manufacturing, LLC

CSM Program Support Award

Graduate Student Awards

FABE Graduate Research Award
Shyam Sivaprasad (Master's Level)
Yang Geng (PhD Level)

FABE Graduate Teaching Award
Nikita Knozin

Graduate Leadership and Service Award
Samantha Francis

Reverend Pavlos T. Taiganides Distinguished Professor and Robert E. Stewart Memorial Award
Holly A. Huellemeier

Capstone Awards

  • FABE Students:
    • Communicator Awards
      • Microbial Readiness Indicator
        • Asia Bond, Molly Brun, Andrew Lutomski, Rick Nie, Sam Riekert
      • Low-Cost Motor and Treadle Powered Rice Thresher
        • Evan Arnett, Allison Byrd, Derek Goodman, Trent Meyer, Cam Vaughn
    • Innovation Awards
      • In-Field Biological Soil Health Monitoring Using CO2 Respiration as a Proxy
        • Levi Carson, Morgan Clarke, Dana Dosen, Cedric Levi, Blaine Neikirk, Kaylee Rae Presnell
      • OSU WaterHub: Testing EPA Parameters within a Living Learning Lab
        • Megan Cochran, Jake Grim, William Gray, Rylee Kohr, Mike Bradford
  • ASM Students
    • Communicator Award
      • Combine Harvester Early Fire Detection
        • Josh Hollinger, Alex Koopmans, Shay Pond, Ben Schmitmeyer
    • Innovation Award
      • Sprayer Anomaly Detection
        • Chase Gasser, Garrett Gwin, Matthew Kranz, Alexander Kutz


Student Scholarships