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Chen, Clark, and Winston receive 2021-2022 Ohio State Energy Partners Awards

June 24, 2022
Faculty members Qian (Victoria) Chen, Jordan Clark, and Ryan Winston were named 2021-2022 OSEP Award Recipients

Each year, Ohio State Energy Partners contributes $810,00 to university or affiliated philanthropic causes. The Office of Academic Affairs engages Ohio State faculty, staff and students through a request for proposals to advance important university priorities and promote interdisciplinary and community collaboration. 

This year, three faculty members from the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE) were named OSEP award recipients. 

Qian (Victoria) Chen, Professor, FABE
“Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Building Energy & Water Use Intensities”

Jordan Clark, Assistant Professor, FABE and Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering (CEGE)
“Attacking one of the OSU campus's biggest energy sinks: laboratory exhaust fans”

Ryan Winston, Assistant Professor, FABE and CEGE
“Using campus as a Living Laboratory: Curbing Sediment in Stormwater to Improve Campus Sustainability”

In 2017, The Ohio State University and Ohio State Energy Partners (OSEP) entered into a comprehensive energy management partnership, launching an unprecedented energy efficiency program and establishing the university as an international leader in sustainability. Proposals as a part of this annual contribution align with Ohio State’s sustainability goals and support the continuation of successful initiatives or the development/implementation of new programs or research projects that continue the trajectory of meeting the stated goals.


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