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CSM Majors to Start New Club and Support Growing Community

Nov. 4, 2022
Logo of the Association of Women in Construction (AWIC)

Two construction systems management (CSM) majors are starting a new club within the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE): The Association of Women in Construction (AWIC).

Co-Founders Izzy Reed and Erin Michaels aim to bring women in construction together and create a community to connect with others, network with professionals and set the foundation for future women in the industry.

“The inspiration behind this club stems from the lack of female representation in the construction field,” says Reed. “The number of women in my major is probably the largest it has ever been and the same goes for women in the industry, which makes it the perfect time for this organization to be created.”

There are several barriers that a woman in construction faces, but for Michaels, the satisfaction of completing projects and the incredible people make it worthwhile. She wants to share this experience with other women in the field, and this club is the perfect opportunity.

How cool is it to say that you know how to wire a house or that you helped design and run the construction for a new building?” says Michaels. “I think that when we bring more diversity into this field the more rewarding it will become.”

For Reed, she wants to address the feeling of loneliness within the construction industry as a woman and create a catalyst for more women to join the community.

This club isn't just to bring women together, but it is to inform others of our determination and importance,” says Reed. “Creating that community is my number one priority and the legacy I hope to leave here at Ohio State.”

AWIC will meet every other Thursday in the Agricultural Engineering Building and have all sorts of events, such as creating concrete décor, networking opportunities, and more. Their next meeting will be November 17 and is open to anyone interested in CSM, architecture, or civil engineering. Be sure to check it out!