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Jenna Elleman: FABE Alumni Spotlight

Oct. 24, 2023

To highlight some of the career opportunities available to students after graduation, we recently caught up with Jenna Elleman, a Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE) alumni who graduated in 2019 and majored in Agricultural Engineering to see what she's up to now as a Regional Integrated Solutions Manager for Ag-Pro Companies. 

What are your overall duties and responsibilities in your current position?

"I am responsible for managing all aspects of our precision ag business across our Ohio/Kentucky ag store locations including sales, support, customer events, internal training, and strategic direction for future products."

What skills are required to be successful in your role?

"No two days are ever the same. Problem-solving, communication, organization, leadership, project management, critical thinking, data analysis, teamwork, and computer software skills are all used each and every day."

How did the FABE program prepare you for your role?

"My experiences in FABE gave me a great foundation to hit the ground running for my career. Not only did the courses I took expose me to new topics and broaden my knowledge, but participating in student organizations such as ASABE and working with the digital ag program in the department also gave me valuable experience."

What advice would you give to students considering majoring in FABE?

"Your experience in FABE will be what you make it! FABE provides a little bit of knowledge across many different engineering disciplines and areas of study, so don’t be afraid to explore the areas you are interested in more deeply and get involved in student activities too."

Thanks to Jenna for taking the time to answer these questions thoughtfully, and best of luck moving forward!