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Meet Lyne’a Diller: Time and Agricultural Systems Management

March 31, 2019
Lyne’a Diller is a 3rd year Agricultural Systems Management Major

It is easy to get intimidated by the course load when you first step into an Ohio State class. After a while though, students eventually get accustomed to the operation. Lyne’a Diller, a third year Agriculture Systems Management (ASM) major, can say she has gotten the handle on time management.

Coming into college, Lyne’a knew she was faced with a big decision: to pursue a career on the athletics field or on the farm field. Born on a farm in Columbus Grove, she realized that agriculture was what she saw herself doing in the future. She had lots of experience from helping her older sisters raise sheep on their family farm. 

“It took up all our summers, but it honestly was the best part of my life. I always love going back to the farm and finding things I can get my hands on and help my dad with when I am able.”

Lyne’a grew up on a farm in Columbus Grove, OHShe is very appreciative of her hometown she grew up with. From a town of less than 2,000 people, she credits this community for supporting her in her passions and guiding her to where she is today.

“My family is a huge part of my life. My mom and dad have helped me tremendously in so many different scenarios. I have such a strong support system with my sisters and parents. I am a homebody and the change from the country to city has been a hard one, and they have helped me every step of the way.”

Although Lyne’a has chosen to major in ASM, she still is very active in her sports passion.

Lyne’a is currently a thrower for the Ohio State Track and Field team and has been since her freshman year. In fact, she verbally committed the night of her official visit to OSU! She knew since junior year of high school that OSU is where she is meant to be.

Choosing a favorite moment during her track and field career at OSU is a tough one for her, but the most impactful trip she had with her team was to Florida, where they got the chance to train in the ESPN facility. It was a humbling experience and she’s grateful to have had such an amazing opportunity.

She was also super happy when her team witnessed the men’s program win the Indoor and Outdoor Big Ten. She loved the way everyone supported and cheered the team along.

“It has humbled me to be here and to be competing alongside some of the best throwers in the nation as well as the world.”

Lyne’a is currently a thrower for the Ohio State Track and Field teamLyne’a has been able to overcome many obstacles and learn a lot of lessons so far from her time here. After an intense shoulder injury, she has had to redshirt, making her ineligible to compete in meets for this year. However, she has taken many positives out of this misfortune. She connected more with her major and the people within it and discovered new passions that she would not have otherwise. The number one thing learned is time management.

Although she’s got a jam-packed day of classes and practice, she still finds time for her other interests and hobbies. When she has the opportunity, she loves to sing and play piano. Music has always been another big factor of her life growing up. Throughout her schooling career, she participated in musicals, choirs, solos, and ensembles. Her faith is another big part of her life and she is beyond grateful for all that God has blessed her with.

 Lyne’a is ecstatic to see where life takes her in the future. But she will also never forget her past and everyone who has helped her along the way so far:

 “I just want to send a HUGE thank you to Dr. Mann for being a great advisor and helping me with multiple different problems. Also, to the coaching staff of the Track and Field team, especially Coach Dennis and Kovacs for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing family.”

What does Lyne’a have to say to those following a similar path?

“To anyone that may want to join a team or even a club, just go for it! I have seen people walk on to multiple different teams and thrive! Never doubt what you can do, if you have a gift, show people... I guess what I am saying is, get out there! Do not be so consumed in one area that you are not allowing yourself to meet other amazing and interesting people. But ultimately, make sure you love what you are doing.”



-Helena Nguyen, FABE Student Communications Assistant