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Mohammadshirazi Receives Graduate School GAPA Award

May. 12, 2021
Ahmad Mohammadshirazi, Ph.D. student, FABE and CSE

Ph.D. student Ahmad Mohammadshirazi from the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE) has been selected as a 2021 recipient of the Graduate Associate Performance Award from the Graduate School at The Ohio State University. 

The Graduate Associate Performance Award (GAPA) is Ohio State’s recognition of the exceptional performance of graduate students while providing caregiving for children and others. With recent extraordinary COVID-19 pandemic stressors, ranging from home schooling to having no childcare, are still able to perform, progress and for some, go the extra mile in taking on leadership responsibilities and/or serving as a graduate assistant in the areas of teaching or research.

Mohammadshirazi’s research interests lie in using advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms to bring insights to fields such as energy and sustainability. For the past year, he has been developing machine learning models to estimate indoor pollutants. Mohammadshirazi is advised by Dr. Jordan Clark (FABE) and Dr. Rajiv Ramnath (Department of Computer Science and Engineering). 

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