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Fredrick W. Ives

Fredrick Walter Ives

Department Chair, 1920-1924; President of ASAE (American Society of Agricultural Engineers), 1924

Fredrick Walter Ives was born in Wisconsin, on November 20, 1884. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1908 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Contributions to The Ohio State University:

In 1909 he joined the University as an instructor in engineering drawing. While serving in that capacity, his talents attracted the attention of the College of Agriculture. In 1914 he was named assistant professor of agricultural engineering, in charge of farm structures. He entered into the work with enthusiasm and understanding and was soon recognized as an authority and a leader in the field. In 1920, he was named head of the Department of Agricultural Engineering, a position he held until his death in 1924.

Professor Ives designed a group of new barns on the university farm, which represented an expenditure of more than half a million dollars. He also designed and built his own home.  His interest extended beyond the field of professional duties. He was a staunch supporter of athletics at the university and was chairman of the board of advisors for the Y.M.C.A. He was a member of Alpha Zeta and Phi Gamma Delta fraternities. He was also a member of the University Lodge No. 631 F. & A.M. and of the University Grange No. 1620, Patrons of Husbandry.

Contributions to ASAE:

Prof. Ives was elected to membership in ASAE in 1916 and was one of the Society's most active and valued members. He was secretary-treasurer in 1919 and the first vice-president in 1920. He was chiefly responsible for the organization of the college division of the Society and was the first chairman of it as well. He served on many important committees, principally those associated with problems of agricultural engineering education and farm structures. In 1923, he was elected a member of the Council and also named chairman of the Farm Structures Division. In recognition of his immeasurable service to the Society, he was elected president to serve 1924-1925.

Contributions to Farm Structures:

In collaboration with Prof. Thomas E. French, he wrote a book entitled "Agricultural Drafting and the Design of Farm Structures," the first of its kind. In addition to his university duties, he served as contributing editor of "The Ohio Farm" and "Farm and Fireside." He was noted for his practical publication such as his paper "Some New Ideas in Group Planning of Farm Buildings," Transactions of ASAE XV1, 1922.

Professor Ives assumed office as the 18th President of ASAE in June 1924. While returning home after attending the best and most significant ASABE convention in the Society's history up to that time, he was seriously injured in a railroad accident near Chicago. He survived the accident only a few days.