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Soil Terminology and Definitions  AEX 514-11 2011
Snow Plows in Amish Country: A Guide for Buggy Drivers Pedestrians and Snowplow Operators  AEX-51996.8-11   2011
Make Sure Your Load Is Secure  AEX-51998.2-11   2011
Your Old Barn I: Reasons for Rehabilitation  AEX-641-11   2011
Your Old Barn II: Economic Incentives and Preservation Tools  AEX-642-11   2011
Your Old Barn III: Hiring a Contractor  AEX-643-11   2011
Algae for Biofuels  AEX-651-11   2011
Storing Lignocellulosic Biomass for Bio-Refining Industry  AEX-651.1-11   2011
Photovoltaic Systems for Solar Electricity Production  AEX-652-11   2011
Solid-State Anaerobic Digestion for Energy Production from Organic Waste  AEX-653-11   2011
Manure to Energy Through Anaerobic Digestion  AEX-653.1-11   2011
Turning Crude Glycerin into Polyurethane Foam and Biopolyols  AEX-654-11   2011
Farming with Lower Extremity Amputation  AEX-19981.9-11   2011
Farming with Upper Extremity Limitation/Amputation  AEX-19981.10-11   2011
Secondary Injury Prevention: Understanding Concussions  AEX-19981.11-11   2011
Secondary Injury Prevention: Repetitive Motion  AEX-19981.12-11   2011
Injury Prevention: Types of Cold Stress  AEX 19981.13-11   2011
Injury Prevention: Working in Cold Weather  AEX-19981.14-11   2011
Managing Arthritis When Farming  AEX-19982.1-11   2011
Farming After a Stroke  AEX-19982.2-11   2011
Preventing Heart Disease  AEX-19982.3-11   2011
Managing Stress for a Healthy Heart  AEX-19982.4-11   2011
Farming with Parkinson's Disease  AEX-19982.5-11   2011
Farming with Diabetes  AEX-19982.6-11   2011
Assistive Technology for the Farm  AEX-19983.2-11   2011
Initial Farm Injury Emergency Response  AEX-19984.1-11   2011
Primary Caregiver for a Farm Family Member  AEX-19984.2-11   2011
Where to Have Your Water Tested  AEX-315-10   2010
Safe Operation of Utility Type Vehicles (UTVs)  AEX-597.1-10   2010
Determining Location of Cellulosic Ethanol Plants in Ohio based on Availability of Crop Resdiues  AEX-650-10   2010
Secondary Injury Caused by Lifting  AEX-19981.1-10   2010
Secondary Injury Prevention: Caught-in Caught between or Struck by Objects  AEX-19981.2-10   2010
Secondary Injury Prevention: Walking and Working Surfaces  AEX-19981.3-10   2010
Secondary Injury Prevention: Heat Stress  AEX-19981.4-10   2010
Overexertion Causing Secondary Injury  AEX-19981.5-10   2010
Secondary Injury Prevention: Ergonomics for the Farm  AEX-19981.6-10   2010
Secondary Injury Prevention: Safety for Senior Farmers  AEX-19981.7-10   2010
Secondary Injury Prevention: Farming with a Pacemaker  AEX-19981.8-10   2010
Extending Universal Design Principles onto the Farmstead  AEX-19983.1-10   2010
Emergency Plans for Pets  AEX-999-10   2010
Using Cover Crops to Convert to No-till  AEX-540-09   2009
The Biology of Soil Compaction  AEX-543-09   2009
Biomass Availability in Northwest Ohio  AEX-541-09   2009
Lighting and Marking Recommendations for Buggies and Wagons  AEX-51996.4-09   2009
Lighting and Marking Recommendations for Animal-Drawn Carriages  AEX-51996.7-09   2009
Farm Pond Safety  AEX-390-08   2008
Noise on the Farm Can Cause Hearing Loss  AEX 590-08   2008
Hand Signals for Agricultural Safety  AEX-591-08   2008
Rotary Agricultural Mower Safety  AEX 592-08   2008
Preventing Farm Machine Hazards  AEX 593-08   2008
OSHA's Lockout/Tagout Standard  AEX-51995-08   2008
OSHA Hazard Communication Standard  AEX-51995.2-08   2008
This Sign Means Caution: Driving Safely in Amish Country  AEX 51996-08  2008
Buying the Right Battery for Your Buggy  AEX 51996.1-08   2008
Bicycle Safety in Amish Country  AEX 51996.6-08   2008
Boosting Visibility of Ag Equipment  AEX-51998-08   2008
If A Fire Strikes ... Escape Fast!  AEX-690-08   2008
Smoke Detectors For Your Home  AEX-690.1-08   2008
Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers  AEX-690.2-08   2008
Purchasing and Installing Your Smoke Detector  AEX-690.3-08   2008
Purchase and Proper Use of Ladders  AEX-691-08   2008
Recognize and Manage the Stress of Farm Life  AEX-693-08   2008
Estimating Manure Production, Storage Size and Land Application Area  AEX-715-08   2008
Air Quality in New Free-Stall Dairy Facilities  AEX-732-08   2008
Overview of Odor Control for Manure Storage Facilities  AEX-738-08   2008
Sand Size Analysis for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems  AEX-757-08   2008
Working Safely With Livestock  AEX 990-08   2008
Farm Safety for Children: What Job Is Right for My Child? AEX-991.1-08   2008
Tailgate Safety Training for Landscaping and Horticultural Services  AEX-192-202007 2007
Skin Cancer: Are You At Risk?  AEX-61994-202007 2007
Understanding Air Emissions from Animal Feeding Operations  AEX-721-202007   2007
How to Work Safely Around Manure Storages  AEX-739   2007
Calculating Loadings Rates for Design of Small Flow Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: Hydraulic vs. Organic Loading  AEX-756   2007
Odor Control for Land Application of Manure   2007
Water Use on Ohio Dairy Farms (pdf)   2007
Wood Dust Exposure Hazards  AEX-51995.1-2006  2006
The EPA Air Quality Compliance Agreement with Animal Feeding Operations (AFOs)  AEX-720-06   2006
Fecal-Oral Pathogens in Water  AEX-769-06   2006
Waterborne Illness  AEX-770-06   2006
What Can You Do to Be Ready for a Recall?  AEX-253-05   2005
Soil Carbon Sequestration Fundamentals  AEX-510-05   2005
Spraying Recommendations for Soybean Rust  AEX-526-05  2005
Best Management Practices for Boom Spraying  AEX-527-05 2005
Extracting Combine Performance Information from Yield Data Using Spreadsheet Programs  AEX-566-05   2005
Providing Livestock Comfort at the County Fair  AEX-155-04   2004
A Basic Primer on Nonpoint Source Pollution and Impervious Surface  AEX-444-04   2004
Determining Discharge in a Stream  AEX-445-04   2004
New Requirements for On-Farm Storage of Bulk Fertilizers  AEX-51994.2-04   2004
Animal Disease Emergencies: Information for Producers  AEX-61996-04   2004
Soil Evaluation for Home Septic Systems  AEX-742-04   2004
Limiting Layers in Ohio Soils-Restrictions to Wastewater Treatment  AEX-745-04   2004
PTO Power  AEX-91994.2-04   2004
Points of Peril  AEX-91994.3-04   2004
Who Should Be Involved in Food Recall Planning and Execution?  AEX-252-03   2003
Ice Safety  AEX-392-03   2003
Channel-Forming Discharges  AEX-445-03   2003
Pedestrian Safety in Amish Country  AEX-51996.5-03   2003
Clopyralid and Other Pesticides in Composts  AEX-714-03   2003
Food Product Recall Fact Sheets: An Introduction  AEX-250-02   2002
Understanding the Recall Concept in the Food Industry  AEX-251-02   2002
Floodplains and Streamway Setbacks  AEX-445-02   2002
Soil Electrical Conductivity (EC) Sensors  AEX-565-02   2002
GPS Guidance Systems—An Overview of the Components and Options  AEX-570-02   2002
Preventing Theft of Anhydrous Ammonia  AEX-51994.1-02   2002
Managing Holding Tanks  AEX-755-02   2002
Water Sources for Fire Protection in Small Communities  AEX-424-01   2001
Coping With Polluted Runoff  AEX-443-01   2001
Stream Classification  AEX-445-01   2001
No-Till Corn Production  AEX-501-01   2001
Septic System Maintenance  AEX-740-01   2001
Managing Septic Tank-Mound Systems  AEX-753-01   2001
Managing Septic Tank-Sand Bioreactor Systems  AEX-754-01   2001
Greenhouse Condensation Control: VPD  AEX-804-01   2001
Non Point Source Water Pollution  AEX-441-00   2000
Stormwater and Your Community  AEX-442-00   2000
Fall Strip Tillage Systems: An Introduction  AEX-5202007-00 2000
Why Do Septic Systems Malfunction?  AEX-741-00 2000
On-Site Wastewater Management  AEX-750-00 2000
Onsite Wastewater Management: Cost and Financing  AEX-751-00 2000
Managing Septic Tank-Soil Absorption Systems  AEX-752-00 2000
Greenhouse Condensation Control - An Introduction  AEX-800-00 2000
Greenhouse Condensation Control- Bottom Heating and Between-row Heating  AEX-801-00 2000
Greenhouse Condensation Control - Keeping Plants Warm with Thermal Screens  AEX-802-00 2000
Greenhouse Condensation Control - Improving Air Circulation  AEX-803-00 2000
Using a Psychrometric Chart to Describe Air Properites  AEX-120-99 1999
Coal Combustion Products  AEX-330-99 1999
Construction of Livestock Feeding and Hay Bale Storage Pads Using FGD Material  AEX-332-99 1999
Unraveling the GPS Mystery  AEX-560-99 1999
Additional Marking of Horse Drawn Vehicle = Additional Safety  AEX-51998.1-99   1999
Water Resources of Allen County  AEX-480.02 1994-1998
Water Resources of Auglaize County  AEX-480.06 1994-1998
Belmont County Water Resources  AEX-480.202007 1994-1998
Water Resources of Brown County  AEX-480.08 1994-1998
Butler County Water Resources  AEX-480.09 1994-1998
Water Resources of Champaign County  AEX-480.11 1994-1998
Clark County Water Resources  AEX-480.12 1994-1998
Clinton County Water Resources  AEX-480.14 1994-1998
Water Resources of Coshocton County  AEX-480.16 1994-1998
Crawford County Water Resources  AEX-480.17 1994-1998
Water Resources of Darke County  AEX-480.19 1994-1998
Defiance County Water Resources  AEX-480.20 1994-1998
Delaware County Water Resources  AEX-480.21 1994-1998
Water Resources of Fairfield County  AEX-480.23 1994-1998
Water Resources of Franklin County  AEX-480.25 1994-1998
Water Resources of Fulton County  AEX-480.26 1994-1998
Water Resources of Geauga County  AEX-480.28 1994-1998
Greene County Water Resources  AEX-480.29 1994-1998
Hancock County Water Resources  AEX-480.32 1994-1998
Hardin County Water Resources  AEX-480.33 1994-1998
Water Resources of Highland County  AEX-480.36 1994-1998
Knox County Water Resources  AEX-480.42 1994-1998
Logan County Water Resources  AEX-480.46 1994-1998
Water Resources of Madison County  AEX-480.49 1994-1998
Marion County Water Resources  AEX-480.51 1994-1998
Water Resources of Mercer County  AEX-480.54 1994-1998
Monroe County Water Resources  AEX-480.56 1994-1998
Water Resources of Morrow County AEX-480.59 1994-1998
Water Resources of Muskingum County  AEX-480.60 1994-1998
Pickaway County Water Resources  AEX-480.65 1994-1998
Pike County Water Resources  AEX-480.66 1994-1998
Putnam County Water Resources  AEX-480.69 1994-1998
Richland County Water Resources  AEX-480.70 1994-1998
Water Resources of Ross County  AEX-480.71 1994-1998
Sandusky County Water Resources  AEX-480.72 1994-1998
Scioto County Water Resources  AEX-480.73 1994-1998
Water Resources of Seneca County  AEX-480.74 1994-1998
Shelby County Water Resources  AEX-480.75 1994-1998
Stark County Water Resources  AEX-480.76 1994-1998
Summit County Water Resources  AEX-480.77 1994-1998
Water Resources of Tuscarawas County  AEX-480.79 1994-1998
Union County Water Resources  AEX-480.80 1994-1998
Warren County Water Resources  AEX-480.83 1994-1998
Washington County Water Resources  AEX-480.84 1994-1998
Wayne County Water Resources  AEX-480.85 1994-1998
Williams County Water Resources  AEX-480.86 1994-1998
Wood County Water Resources  AEX-480.87 1994-1998
Water Resources of Wyandot County  AEX-480.88 1994-1998
Water Resources of Carroll, Harrison and Jefferson Counties  AEX-480.89 1994-1998
Auglaize County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.06 1994-1998
Belmont County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.202007 1994-1998
Brown County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.08 1994-1998
Butler County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.09 1994-1998
Clark County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.12 1994-1998
Clinton County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.14 1994-1998
Coshocton County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.16 1994-1998
Crawford County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.17 1994-1998
Darke County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.19 1994-1998
Defiance County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.20 1994-1998
Delaware County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.21 1994-1998
Franklin County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.25 1994-1998
Greene County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.29 1994-1998
Hardin County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.33 1994-1998
Knox County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.42 1994-1998
Logan County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.46 1994-1998
Marion County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.51 1994-1998
Mercer County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.54 1994-1998
Monroe County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.56 1994-1998
Morrow County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.59 1994-1998
Pickaway County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.65 1994-1998
Pike County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.66 1994-1998
Richland County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.70 1994-1998
Scioto County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.73 1994-1998
Shelby County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.75 1994-1998
Stark County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.76 1994-1998
Summit County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.77 1994-1998
Tuscarawas County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.79 1994-1998
Warren County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.83 1994-1998
Washington County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.84 1994-1998
Wayne County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.85 1994-1998
Williams County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.86 1994-1998
Wood County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.87 1994-1998
Ground-Water Resources of Carroll,  Harrison and Jefferson Counties  AEX-490.89 1994-1998
Chimneys: A Natural Ventilation Alternative for Two-Story Barns  AEX-115-1998 1998
Evaporative Cooling Pads: Use in Lowering Indoor Air Temperature  AEX-127-99 1998
Manure Pit Ventilation Systems for Swine Operating Principles  AEX-150-1998 1998
Fire Protection in Rural Areas: Dry Hydrants for Ponds  AEX-422-1998 1998
Drinking Water Regulations  AEX-423-1998 1998
Water Resources of Ashland County  AEX-480.03-1998 1998
Water Resources of Erie County AEX-480.22-1998 1998
Water Resources of Fayette County  AEX-480.24-1998 1998
Water Resources of Guernsey County  AEX-480.30-1998 1998
Water Resources of Huron County  AEX-480.39-1998 1998
Water Resources of Jackson County AEX-480.40-1998 1998
Water Resources of Montgomery County  AEX-480.57-1998 1998
Water Resources of Ottawa County  AEX-480.62-1998 1998
Water Resources of Portage County  AEX-480.67-1998 1998
New Nozzles for Spray Drift Reduction  AEX-523-1998 1998
Effectiveness of Turbodrop® and Turbo Teejet® Nozzles in Drift Reduction  AEX-524-1998 1998
Effect of Major Variables on Drift Distances of Spray Droplets  AEX-525-1998 1998
Cows, Critters and You  AEX-992.1-1998   1998
Tractor Talk  AEX-993.1-1998   1998
Look for the Sign  AEX-91994.1-1998   1998
Careful in the Country  AEX-91996-1998   1998
Using Geotextile Fabric in Livestock Operations  AEX-304-97 1997
Hydrogen Sulfide in Drinking Water  AEX-319-97 1997
Understanding Agricultural Drainage  AEX-320-97 1997
Agricultural Water Table Management Systems  AEX 321-97 1997
Water Resources of Athens County  AEX-480.05-97 1997
Water Resources of Clermont County  AEX-480.13-97 1997
Water Resources of Columbiana County AEX-480.15-97 1997
Water Resources of Henry County  AEX-480.35-97 1997
Water Resources of Lawrence County  AEX-480.44-97 1997
Water Resources of Licking County  AEX-480.45-97 1997
Water Resources of Lucas County  AEX-480.48-97 1997
Water Resources of Mahoning County  AEX-480.50-97 1997
Water Resources of Paulding County  AEX-480.63-97 1997
Water Resources of Van Wert County  AEX-480.81-97 1997
Allen County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.02-97 1997
Champaign County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.11-97 1997
Fairfield County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.23-97 1997
Fulton County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.26-97 1997
Geauga County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.28-97 1997
Highland County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.36-97 1997
Madison County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.49-97 1997
Muskingum County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.60-97 1997
Ross County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.71-97 1997
Seneca County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.74-97 1997
Wyandot County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.88-97 1997
Yield Monitors and Maps: Making Decisions  AEX-550-97 1997
Composting Swine Mortality Principles and Operation  AEX-711-97 1997
Swine Composting Site Selection  AEX-712-97 1997
Swine Composting Facility Design  AEX-713-97 1997
Worksheet 1. Swine Death Loss Calculations and Sawdust Needs  AEX-713_w1-97 1997
Worksheet 2. Swine Composting Worksheet For Bins  AEX-713_w2-97 1997
Worksheet 3. Swine Composting Worksheet For Windrows  AEX-713_w3-97 1997
Machinery Hazards  AEX-91994-97   1997
Barnyard Drowning  AEX-91995-97   1997
Hairpin Gutters for Swine Facilities  AEX-114-1996 1996
Approaches to Solving Water Quality Problems in Community Water Systems  AEX-421-1996 1996
Nitrogen and the Hydrologic Cycle  AEX-463-1996 1996
Nonpoint Source Pollution: Water Primer  AEX-465-1996 1996
Buggy Battery Safety  AEX-51996.2-1996 1996
Wastewater Treatment Principles and Regulations  AEX-768-1996 1996
Barnyard Animals  AEX-992-1996   1996
Tractor Tips  AEX-993-1996   1996
Livestock Housing Ventilation: Natural Ventilation Design and Management for Dairy Housing  AEX-113-1995 1995
Livestock Housing Ventilation Air Inlet Designs and Management  AEX-110-1994 1994
Livestock Housing Ventilation Fan Performance and Management  AEX-111-1994 1994
Livestock Housing Ventilation Fan Selection  AEX-112-1994 1994
Clearance of Electric Supply Conductors to Grain-Handling Equipment  AEX-290-1994 1994
Water Use Planning Guide  AEX-420-1994 1994
Ground- and Surface-Water Terminology  AEX-460-1994 1994
Ohio's Hydrologic Cycle  AEX-461-1994 1994
Vegetative Filter Strips: Application,  Installation and Maintenance  AEX-467-1994 1994
Let The Air Out! Advantages of Properly Adjusted Radial Tire Pressures  AEX-530-1994 1994
Water Testing  AEX-314-93 1993
On-Farm Agrichemical Mixing/Loading Pad  AEX-522-93 1993
Septic Tank-Soil Absorption Systems  AEX-743-93 1993
Trenching and Excavation: Safety Principles  AEX-391-92 1992
Ridge Tillage: An Alternative System  AEX-505-92 1992
Boom Sprayer Calibration  AEX-520-92 1992
Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) Placarding of the Most Commonly Used Agricultural Chemicals in Ohio  AEX-51995.3-92 1992
ATV's (All-Terrain Vehicles) in Ohio  AEX-597-92 1992
Falls in the Home  AEX-691.1-92 1992
Managing Livestock Waste Facilities ... Controlling Crystal Formation in Recycle Flush Systems  AEX-709-92 1992
Farm Safety For Children: What Parents and Grandparents Should Know  AEX-991-92 1992
Emergency Disinfection of Water Supplies  AEX-317-91 1991
Shock Chlorination of Wells and Springs  AEX-318-91 1991
Irrigation in Ohio: Eight Major Factors  AEX-370-91 1991
Agricultural Best Management Practices  AEX-464-91 1991
Hancock County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.32-91 1991
Putnam County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.69-91 1991
Union County Ground-Water Resources  AEX-490.80-91 1991
Land Application of Waste... Spreading and Injection  AEX-7202007-91 1991
Avoiding Stream Pollution from Animal Manure  AEX-708-91 1991
Natural Air Grain Drying in Ohio  AEX-202-90 1990
The Ohio Utilities Protection Law  AEX-316-90 1990