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Timothy Ursich - Agricultural Engineering Student


Timothy Ursich, Agricultural Engineering Student

My Summer Internship

This summer I had the opportunity to intern with Kokosing Construction Company, working with the electrical group and specifically installing telematic systems on much of their heavy machinery.  Through this internship I have been provided with much hands-on learning experience, not only in the area of electricity and electronics, but also in the area of mechanics.  The chance to see how things are done out in industry has also proved to be an invaluable experience that will help me become a better engineer.  Through this internship, I have seen real life application of concepts taught in the class room such as Ohm’s law, feedback controls on Topcon paver screed control systems, time constants on Trimble GPS grade control systems, signal and radio theory, as well as many other engineering concepts.

Through my internship with Kokosing, I have also been able to visit many construction sites and was even able to go out to Inez, Kentucky, to see heavy construction work as cuts were blasted into the mountains and the rock was hauled to fill in between the mountains.  I have also had the opportunity to operate some heavy machinery, including a CAT D6N dozer and a CAT 336 excavator.  Through operating and working on these machines, I have gained a better understanding of the mechanics of these machines, as well as how to design for the rigors that industry places on machinery.  My infield experience will greatly help me as I come back to finish my senior year at OSU in Ag Engineering, as I take classes such as machine design and controls, and as I am involved in extracurricular activities such as the Quarter Scale Tractor Team.  My internship with Kokosing will continue to benefit me through this summer, through the coming school year, and even through the balance of my future career.