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Lydia Hartzler- Agricultural Systems Management Student

My Agricultural Systems Management Experience

 I started my ASM experience at Ohio State’s Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI) in Wooster. The transition from the regional campus to the Columbus campus was seamless and easy. The small class sizes and close knit community still remained. I was able to easily adjust to the larger city and found myself loving Columbus and everything that the university had to offer.  My decision to transfer to Columbus was simple: I wanted to further my education with a Bachelor’s degree, and I also wanted to have new experiences in a setting other than rural Ohio.

The ASM program has been the perfect fit for me. I love all the hands-on classes and the variety of curriculum. I have been able to channel my love for agriculture into a major that allows me to go in any direction that I see fit. Being able to go from a building materials class to a precision agriculture class gives me a background with unique diversity and keeps the learning experience interesting.

My Internship with Case New Holland

I spent this past summer with Case New Holland Industrial in Racine, WI as the Demand Planning Intern. During my three months with the company, I learned the operations of the parts and service management department. Several projects were assigned to me, including inputting and exhausting tractor parts, cleaning up the Dealer Installed Accessory Database and combing through catalog files to find information regarding new or old tractor models. One of the classes I took in the ASM program, Engines and Power Transmission (ASM 3232), helped me with my internship this summer, giving me knowledge about the equipment and parts that I deal with on a day-to-day basis.  I was also able to take advantage of other opportunities outside of the office, such as volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, working at the local county fair, and participating in the intern “Ride and Drive” tractor day.  Thanks to my internship experience, I have gained insight of the parts and machinery industry and now have a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of a major equipment manufacturer.