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Introduction to Polymer Science: A Bio-based Approach

This course introduces polymer chemistry through polymers found in nature. It is designed as a unique introduction to the subject, which connects natural and synthetic polymers by exploring the chemistry of natural polymers from plants, animals and humans and self-assembled macromolecular structures. Chapters cover the basic concepts of polymer chemistry. Prereq: Chem 2310, or Grad standing, or permission of instructor.


Lecture and discussion of current topics related to food, agricultural and biological engineering presented by faculty, staff, graduate students, and guest speakers. Prereq: Grad standing in Engineering. Repeatable to a maximum of 8 cr hrs or 8 completions. This course is graded S/U.

Sustainable Waste Management

A comprehensive examination of waste generation, treatment and reuse including the impacts of pollution on the environment and human health. The focus will be on agricultural residues, manure, domestic wastewater, and municipal solid waste streams. Prereq: Sr or Grad standing in Engineering. Not open to students with credit for 650 or 652.

Ecological Engineering and Science

Definition, classification, and practice of ecological engineering. Course explores ecological ecosystems, ecosystem restoration, and the utilization of natural processes to provide societal services and benefits to nature. Prereq: At least one course in Biology, Ecology, Engineering, or Geology, and Jr standing. Not open to students with credit for EnvEng 5310 or ENR 5310. Cross-listed in EnvEng and ENR.

Energy In Biological Systems

An introduction to energy flow and transformations within and for biological systems that include the human environment and the production and processing of plants, animals and micro-organisms the student will encounter in the food, agricultural and biological engineering program. Prereq: Soph standing in Engineering. Not open to students with credit for 325.
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