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Precision Agriculture at The Ohio State University

The focus of the precision agriculture program has been to develop precision nutrient management strategies and technologies to improve efficiency of fertilizer placement, enable on-farm evaluation, automate machine functionality, enhance placement of pesticides and seed, and to develop analytical tools for digital agriculture. Researchers are also designing precision seeding tools to improve depth control for varying field conditions and identifying the value proposition of both precision agriculture technology and farm data for individual growers.

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2017 eFields Report 

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Ohio State Precision Ag exemplifies research collaboration and innovation

The February Board of Trustees meeting featured the theme of Research and Innovation. As Ohio State administrators and faculty reported to the trustees on recent research successes and future plans, the Precision Agriculture Program was featured...

LONDON, Ohio — With so much focus on fertilizer these days, where and when it’s applied, a conference will be held in January to inform people about the many approaches and technological advances that can make it easier.