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Undergraduate Courses

Here at The Ohio State University, students interested in precision technology can learn how satellite based guidance systems and other precision agriculture technologies are utilized to track and manage agricultural inputs (i.e. seed, fertilizer, fuel) and better manage farming operations. The primary course offering at Ohio State for Precision Agriculture is ASM 4580 that provides an understanding how to set up an auto guidance system is only a small piece of the puzzle. Students master precision agriculture technologies like soil and crop health sensors, yield monitors, GNSS, GIS and mapping, variable rate controllers, and automated guidance. ASM 4580 is open to any student interested in the topic.

ASM 4580 – Introduction to Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture or site-specific crop management is a technological development in production agricultural management. It allows site managers to measure the spatial variability of factors involved in crop production and make management decisions on very small areas within fields based on this information.  It has been shown that precision agriculture has the potential to increase yield and/or reduce the crop production expense and decrease the environmental impact associated with agricultural operations.

This course provides an overview of the principles of precision agriculture and discuss its various components. Technologies discussed will include: Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information System (GIS), guidance systems, sensors for qualitative and quantitative measurement of soil and plant variables, management of agricultural data, and Variable Rate Technology (VRT). 


  1. Identify the major terminology associated with each topic and be able to use those terms correctly when discussing material from the course
  2. Demonstrate a familiarity with equipment and software used in the course, and
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of basic procedures discussed in lecture AND be able to apply that knowledge through hands-on laboratory skill activities

On-Farm Research

Public Data

DEM- Digital Elevation Model

Soil Survey Geographic Database (SSURGO)

Climate and Weather Data

Cropland Data Layer

Agricultural Statistics