Meet Our Students

  1. Celene's interest in brewing led her to specialize in Food Engineering

    Meet Celene Gielink: Not Your Traditional Engineer

    Nov 9, 2018

    After moving from state to state, Celene ended up completing her bachelor's degree in Food Engineering from Ohio State and has stayed on in pursuit of her graduate degree. With a passion for fermented/alcoholic brewing, she has found the program to be the perfect place for her unorthodox ideas and life experiences. 

  2. Meet Justin Haerr: Future Ohio Farmer

    Meet Justin Haerr: Future Ohio Farmer

    Oct 22, 2018

    With the ball gripped tightly in his hand, he was centered atop the pitcher’s mound. The crowd was booming, and the lighting of the field seemed like it was only shining on him. This was the last inning. Justin finally shifted his gaze to meet his opponent, the batter, as a bead of sweat made its way down his forehead. He took a deep, heavy breath, winded up, and released.

  3. Meet Manny Barnes

    Meet Manny Barnes: a Leader in CSM and Beyond

    Sep 28, 2018

    While he is not performing his role in the Army National Guard as a team leader, he is focusing his time on his education and other civilian duties. 

    Manny grew up in Canal Winchester, where he was a part of his high school’s football and wrestling teams. Upon graduating, however, he decided to step away from sports to further his academics. Manny simultaneously enlisted in the military and began his college career at University of Toledo in 2014.