Meet Your Advisors

Undergraduate Academic Advisors:

Kelli Whitcomb
(614) 247-6735
For students in FABE

Kelli is currently out on 
leave, learn more about
who to contact...


LaShanda Coleman
(614) 247-7681
For students in ASM and CSM

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Faculty Advisors:

Agricultural Systems Management
Faculty Advisor: Michael Lichtensteiger

Construction Systems Management
Faculty Advisor: Victoria Chen
Faculty Advisor: Jeff Suchy

Food Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Gonul Kaletunc
Agricultural Engineering
Faculty Advisor: John Fulton
Faculty Advisor: Michael Lichtensteiger
Faculty Advisor: Sami Khanal
Biological Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Ann Christy
Faculty Advisor: Mike Rowan
Ecological Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Margaret Kalcic
Faculty Advisor: Jay Martin
Faculty Advisor: Ryan Winston
Faculty Advisor: Darren Drewry

Kelli is currently out on maternity leave and will not be responding to emails during her absence. She expects to return in April. In her absence, Anne Frissora will be the interim FABE academic advisor. She can be reached at Before contacting Anne, please read through the options below to determine the appropriate party to assist you.

For questions about:

Please note that emails sent to Kelli before April will not receive a response, as she will be focused on her family. If your concerns are not resolved before her return or are not time-sensitive, please feel free to re-send your request in April and she will be happy to assist upon her return.