ASM Capstone Experience

ASM Capstone Experience- NEW Autumn 2017

Course Details

The ASM Capstone course is now a two semester sequence. If you are graduating in Spring 2019 or later, you will take Capstone I in the fall and Capston II in the spring. In Fall 2017, Capstone I will be taught: M W 3-3:55PM, Kottman Hall 104. Enroll in ASM 4194 (36605) by Friday, August 4th. 

WHAT: TWO Semester Capstone Sequence for ASM

WHY: The old model (one semester capstone) WAS NOT working; this is documented by five years of frustrated student feedback, numerous uncompleted projects, and lack of industry support (not willing to invest in single semester projects)

HOW will this improve things: The two semester model (which has been discussed since Fall 2016, and was approved July 2017), will allow students to (a) Plan out their project in the fall, (b) Start connecting with industry/agribusinesses, and (c) see a real-world project come to fruition/implementation by the end of spring semester.

WILL this effect my CREDIT HOURS? No, it should not; The transition planning is from Model A: ASM2305 - 3hr, ASM4900 - 3hr (6TOTAL), to Model B (Transition): ASM2305 - 3hr, ASM4194 - 1hr, ASM4910 - 2hr (6TOTAL), to Model C (Final): ASM2305 - 2hr, ASM4900 - 2hr, ASM4910 - 2hr (6TOTAL).

WHEN: Monday and Wednesday 3-3:55PM. WHY: After evaluating 31 student schedules, this was the time that worked best for the most (two conflicts; one can easily be adjusted = 97% success rate).

Potential Projects:

Cedar Valley Innovations - (1) Data management - Machine guidance for optimal planting and late season application, (2) End-row Compaction Evaluation (Plant end rows first, vs. last using guidance technology), (3) Conservation Farming Plan Design and Implementation (Cover crops, Strip till, Sustainability strips, etc.)

Purina Animal Nutrition - On-farm inventory management - Bin/silage meter with order mechanism/system

Sunny Meadows Flower Farm - (1) Flame weeder- 3 point mounted on the back of a tractor, used to kill the first and second flush of weeds, (2) Hydraulic spool device for 2 1/2inch flat irrigation hose

Tilmor by Venture Products - Development of an Online Repair/Service Manual for a New Tractor Product Line

Wayne County Ohio Extension - Community Animal Waste Storage and Nutrient Management System

Wooster Campus-Beef Unit Farmland - Drainage Tile Reconfiguration

Registration Steps

Register for ASM 4194 (36605) by Friday, August 4th. If you have a issue with the course, time, credit limit, etc. please contact Anastasia or Dewey ASAP. 
Once you register, you can submit your project ideas to Anastasia or Dewey by Friday, August 11th with: project title, scope of work/deliverables for the project, industry or other stakeholders, and pictures or weblinks with additional information.