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The Association of Women in Construction (AWIC)

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The Association of Women in Construction (AWIC) creates a community where women feel confident in their skills and knowledge due to the encouragement of their peers. By sharing similar experiences and construction knowledge, members can better one another. Through networking opportunities, club members can further themselves professionally through the guidance of females actively in construction. AWIC strives to educate the industry about the importance of women in construction, thus bringing much-needed diversity to the field. This association will act as a catalyst for future female success in the construction industry.


The Association of Women in Construction values a strong community above all else. Our top priority is creating a space where women in the industry can feel comfortable and help one another. We also value professional development. Through networking with companies, members of AWIC can gain a competitive edge against their peers.


As of Spring of 2023, AWIC meets every first and third Thursday of each month at 5 pm. Meetings are held in the Agricultural Engineering Building, Room 219. The time and location are likely to change each semester. 

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There are no member fees, and anyone interested in construction can join at any time!