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Engineering Minors

Minors in Engineering

Students majoring in Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering have the option to further diversify their education by choosing a minor from the College of Engineering. Students must complete a minor form to declare or complete a minor. To learn more about the minors offered, click here

Humanitarian Engineering Minor

The minor in Humanitarian Engineering offered through the College of Engineering is a natural fit for many FABE majors. Advances in engineering in food, agriculture, biology, and ecology all have potential applications to help people. To learn more about the Humanitarian Engineering minor, click here

FABE 2194: Introduction to Humanitarian and Development Innovation

Come learn how innovative people are working to solve humanitarian and development issues both locally and globally and how you can learn to do the same! Several guest lecturers who have dedicated their careers to solving development problems will talk about their paths into the field and their current work. We will ask ourselves how variations in natural resources, ecology and culture impact human lifestyles around the world and what this means for developing appropriate solutions to local and global issues and explore the answers through videos, readings, Q&As and lectures. We will also explore practices of self-reflection to better equip ourselves to integrate knowledge from cross-cultural experiences into our problem solving.

Guest Lecturers working on:

  • Sanitation solutions in the slums
  • Microgrids for access to electricity in rural areas
  • Rainwater harvesting for improved water security in arid regions

And working in:

- Social Venture Capital/Start Ups

- Nonprofits/Fellowships

- Academia

Course Themes:

  • Global trends in natural resources, human/environment interaction and colonization
  • Individual and group reflection skills to use when exposed to new cultures
  • Potential career paths in Humanitarian and Development Innovation
  • Overview of participatory community development practices


Contact Kristen Conroy.137 to register for FABE 2194