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Engineering Minors

Minors in Engineering

Students majoring in Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering have the option to further diversify their education by choosing a minor from the College of Engineering. Students must complete a minor form to declare or complete a minor. To learn more about the minors offered, click here

Humanitarian Engineering Minor

The Humanitarian Engineering minor is a 16 credit minor designed to prepare students to work effectively with developing communities on sustainable technologies to benefit social, environmental, economic, and human welfare. Below is a brief breakdown of approved courses and when they are offered

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Program Mission

Humanitarian Engineering at The Ohio State University aims to educate students to address complex societal challenges through applied engineering and socio-cultural learning experiences.

Program Values

We value:

1. a human-centered and community-centered approach to problem co-definition and addressing.

2. inclusivity and equity in solution development and implementation.

3. professionalism.

4. humility.

5. appreciating all knowledge and lived experiences.

Educational Objectives

Our graduates will be:

1. leaders in local, national, or international organizations, such as non-governmental organizations, foundations, and academia.

2. leaders within their community or organization that actively promotes a culture of social responsibility, social justice, and outreach.

3. developers and/or implementors of innovative solutions that aim to advance the human condition that incorporate the complex social, economic, and cultural factors of those they impact.

Program Vision

Humanitarian Engineering at Ohio State will be internationally recognized as a leading academic program in the domain and have graduates that are sought after for their skills, values, and cultural competencies

jb"Throughout my time at Ohio State University I was involved in various humanitarian engineering efforts and projects, including the Maji Marwa Capstone. Being part of this program and working with those involved helped me to grow into a caring person and motivated engineer. It is inspiring to witness the dedication to this project and commitment to it’s ongoing success. Although I was not able to travel to Tanzania due to Covid-19, I look forward to this opportunity in the future. I plan to continue to support this project and encourage others to do the same, as I truly believe the Maji Marwa Capstone can and will positively impact many people. I will remember and cherish these experiences for the rest of my life."
- Jenna Baer, Agricultural Engineering


For questions about the Humanitarian Engineering minor, contact Patrick Sours.17 or Cherish Vance.487