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Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering


FABE Building (Wooster)

FABE in Wooster, Ohio is a center for research in fields including biomass production and logistics, composting, bio-based plastics production and biodegradation, biomass conversion processes, fermentation and natural rubber production, extraction, and systems-level techno-economic and life cycle analyses. Many FABE graduate students complete their research in Wooster to take advantage of faculty expertise and state of the art facilities. For undergraduates, there are many summer intern opportunities. A USDA unit, housed in FABE Wooster, researches methods to enhance crop protection while safeguarding the environment and worker safety and provides additional opportunities for students.

To learn more about FABE Wooster and research and outreach programs, click on the links below:

  • BSAL (Biobased Systems Analysis Lab.)
  • OCAMM (Ohio Composting and Manure Management)
  • PENRA (Program of Excellence in Natural Rubber Alternatives)
  • PROBE (Program for Bioproducts and the Environment
  • USDA ATRU (Application Technology Research Unit)